Saddle-Top Sentiments

Our Boots

We walk together in them.

We ride together in them.

We leave our mark in the ground 

together with them.

We place them at our door for work tomorrow.

We know they're worn and tattered, 

but the more we wear and walk in them, 

the bigger the boot prints we leave behind.

So, if you follow our boot trail, you‘ll find them 

where every cowboy and cowgirl leaves them. 

At home.

Little Britches (Children)

Though we be small, we are mighty.

Though we cry sometimes, we smile all the time.

Even when we’re wronged, we hold no grudge.

Even when we don’t understand, we know what you mean.

When we’re looked down on, we still stand tall in the saddle.

When we’re tired, we sleep because we have no guilt.

If tomorrow is hard, we will triumph.

If tomorrow never comes, we will be beside the one that loves us.

The days that there is no sun, we will smile because the sun shines on our face.

The nights that we’re scared, we will rope those ghosts and give them to Mom and Dad tomorrow.

So, now he lay me down, I dream of those green pastures when I ride my horse beside my dad, the one I’ve been watching.

So when I wake, my horse is saddled and I will believe my dreams are true.

But if my momma burns my breakfast, I know there’s always lunch.

But when she makes me bathe, I know there’s a lot of dirt in the pasture play in tomorrow.

I would rather hear a bedtime story from an old timer than a movie with a friend.

I would rather have a friend tell me the truth than be hurt by a lie.

Our legs may be short, but our pants are long.

Our hat may be small, but the brim is big. So when we lift our heads you see a big ol' Texas grin.